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Contempory Music in Russian Federation

MCME – Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble

ACM – Association for Contemporary Music

Structural Resistance Group (StRes)

“Tribune of Contemporary Music” journal - ТСМ

Russian MAC - The Russian Music Academic Catalogue

Theremin-Center for electroacoustic music and multimedia

N. Roslavets and N. Gabo Center for Contemporary Art

Olga Kumeger Multimedia Theater

Russian Female Art Association (RFAA)
Welcome to the site of the Russian National Section, the International Society for Contemporary Music
The International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) is the union of organizations from 50 countries of the world, with their objective being the advancement and performance of contemporary academic music – the music of our times. ISCM, founded in Salzburg in 1922 , has been from its very inception advocating respect for aesthetic and stylistic diversity.
Every year ISCM presents the ISCM World Music Days Festival. Performers and composers from all over the world come for the festival which features most different musical styles and trends. A competition of young composers and the General Assembly of the ISCM members are also held within the framework of the festival. Apart from the festival, the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) stages every year most diverse international actions, which are now to involve Russia with full ground! Russia was granted a full-fledged membership of the Society – the Russian National Section by the ISCM General Assembly at it meeting in Zagreb (Croatia) in April 2005.
ISCM – Russian National Section is a non-commercial creative union. It affiliates the Association for Contemporary Music (ACM), the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME), the Tribune for Contemporary Music (TCM) journal, the Theremin-Center electroacoustic and multimedia laboratory, a group of young composers Structural Resistance (StRes), the N. Roslavets and N. Gabo Center for Contemporary Art, the Olga Kumeger Multimedia Theatre, the Russian Female Art Association (RFAA), the Russian Musical Academic Catalogue (Russian MAC) and other organizations.
ISCM – Russian National Section holds that the contemporary academic music is one of the most important ingredients of the world cultural medium. Its aim is to broadly disseminate this music far beyond the boundaries of the professional domain as well as to spread synthetic genres of contemporary art in all their conceptual and stylistic diversity. We pay special attention to the problem of contacts with the listeners, enlightenment and education activities as well as regular ties with mass media. Our work is actively underway on the territory of all Russian regions and abroad.
ISCM – Russian National Section is a connecting and centralizing link in the exchange of information and professional contacts both inside Russia and internationally.
Any Russian organization or creative association whose activities are directly linked with the contemporary academic music can place information about itself on the site of ISCM – Russian National Section.